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SHINee – “Dream Girl” Lyrics

Dream Girl COVER

Lyrics written by Jeon Gandi
Composed by Hyuk Shin, DK, Jordan Kyle, Ross Lara, Dave Cook
Arranged by Hyuk Shin, Jordan Kyle, Ross Lara, TC Spitfire
*Parts were tagged by ear and may or may not be accurate. Read the rest of this entry

SHINee – “Dream Girl” (MV + Dance ver.)

Dream Girl Shinee 2

Yay!! This is shinee shinee shinee with dream girl!!! Akhirnya setelah penantian dari jaman sherlock! MEREKA COMEBACK! dan lalalalalala~ MV-nya sangat unik! BELIEVE ME! SO CUTE! Read the rest of this entry

SHINee back, How happy I am!!

SHINee Dream Girl

[Complete SHINee Teaser Pic]

Start with ……..


Annyeong ppl!!

This is mamot!

Today was great! What day today?? Oh, this is thursday  I FEEL LIKE I WANT DYING ><!!


cuz Read the rest of this entry