{Fanshared} SHINee Me2day January 2013

Key memeday 13.01.22 {Update}

Key memeday update 130122

[Key] 공연끝난 프랭key 의 반항아 타임
[Key] Frankey’s rebellious time after the performance

Key memeday 13.01.13 

Key memeday update (130113)

[Key] 말레이시아 출국!!! 사진….찍으면…좀 쳐다…..봐…줘 …… 애나 어른이나 핸드폰하네

[Key] Depart for Malaysia!!! If I…. take a picture… please….. look…here …… Both child and adult are on their phones

Minho memeday 13.01.12 

Minho Memeday (130112)

[민호] 오랫만에 극장에서 영화~ 마이리틀히어로때문에 마음까지 따뜻하네요~ 감기조심!하세요~

[Minho] Watching a movie at the theater for the first time in a while~ My heart is warm because of My Little Hero~ Be careful! Of the cold~

Note: My Little Hero is a Korean movie released in 2013.

source: shinee’s me2day
english translation : kimchi hana @ shineee.net,
re-post by mamothozone.wp

About mamotho

Special Girl. Always loved her self, and know what makes she herself happy. Fangirlling is also her spirit (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) SHINee is her oxygen too!

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  1. both adult and child as in appa onew and baby taem?

  2. Joo lee Dzukhron

    hmm . . .
    Mau donk nonton bareng minho oppa !!

  3. Kyaaa… key, kalo mo slca yg bener, dong… pada gak siap liat kamera semua…
    Tuh, Jinki mo makan apa d pesawat? ntar dikasih ‘pete’ lg…
    ayam yg aku bungkusin dibawak nggak…? dimakan, ya…?
    kalo udah habis, kasih tulangnya ma Minho…
    jgn dilempar lwt jendela… ntar, Minho nekad lompat jg…
    Mian…. Mamoth eon…. peace…

  4. Sbnernya aku jg ikut nonton, lho… nggak liat, kan?
    disitu aku lg dibelakang Minho, disebelah Jinki…
    sambil makan pop corn rasa rendang padang, minum es cendol + es doger…
    (yg mau kebelakang, mules… silahkan…)

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