{Fanshared} SHINee Me2day July 2012

Aigooo!! Mian!! Ini belum ke post /o\

Ga nyangka ini udah bulan Agustus, mana udah akhir. Waktu begitu cepat berlalu 😦 Hiks..  Cek this out! Shinee memeday 🙂 Mian baru update fanshared lagi ^^

Key memeday 12.07.27

마카오에서… 관광하다가 민호 사진을 발견 !! 김키 -달려들어!!!!!

In Macau… We were sightseeing and discovered Minho’s picture !! Kim Key -Attack!!!!!

이것두 마카오에서!
This was at Macau too!

SHINee memeday 12.07.27

8월 10일부터 시작될 S.M.ART EXHIBITION을 여러분께 소개 드립니다~
저희가 알려드리는 S.M. ART EXHIBITION만의 특별한 비밀은 바로 라이브홀로그램!

We introduce you all to the S.M.ART EXHIBITION that will start on August 10th~ The special secret of the S.M. ART EXHIBITION we’ll tell you about is the live hologram! And? S.M. ART EXHIBITION

Minho memeday 12.07.25

아름다운그대에게 강태준!!!… 여러분이 조금만 기다려 주시면~ 멋진 모습으로 달려갈게요^^ 이 사진은 지난번 보그걸 화보 촬영때 미공개컷ㅋ

For You In Full Blossom’s Kang Taejun!!!… If you all wait a little bit~ I’ll run to you with a great side of myself^^ This picture is an unreleased shot of a past Vogue Girl photoshoot ke

source: shinee’s me2day
english translation : kimchi hana @ shineee.net,
re-post by mamothozone.wp

Ps : Minho di pic terakhir, bibirnya kering!! Aaaa! Tetep ganteng >o<

About mamotho

Special Girl. Always loved her self, and know what makes she herself happy. Fangirlling is also her spirit (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) SHINee is her oxygen too!

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  1. mamot!!! i miss you!!!*LOL* where the next part of ” I’m jealous” i always waiting for it !!! hope can faster 🙂 🙂 🙂

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