{Fanshared} SHINee Me2day August 2012

Minho memeday 12.08.29 [PM 10:00] {Update}

[민호]미투데이 채팅 재미있으셨나요? 오늘도 본방사수 잊지마세요~

Was today’s me2day chat fun? Don’t forget to tune in live today as well~

Cr : PP2pinkyTOP89.YT

Minho memeday 12.08.29 [PM 09:13]

재희와 태준이는 미투채팅중~

Jaehee and Taejun are me2chatting

Minho memeday 12.08.29 [PM 09:01]

[아름다운 그대에게 특집] 민호&설리와의 미투 채팅 시작! 지금 들어오세요!! <입장하기>

[For You In Full Blossom Special] Minho and Sulli’s me2 chat start! Come in now!! <Enter>

Ps : Ini enter buat masuk chat sama minho n sulli ya.. ga usah di enter lagi -__- udah ga berlaku sekarang mah. haha

Minho memeday 12.08.28 [PM 05 :23]

[민호] 여러분~ 드디어 미투채팅 당첨자 발표합니다! a수현샤이니a , hailey , 콰지모도 , 소심소녀 , 지영 님 축하 드립니다! 드라마에 궁금한 질문 많이 준비해 주시고, 내일 오후 9시에 만나요!~
당첨 안된 친구들도 구경모드로 입장할 수 있으니, 모두 함께 해요~ ^^

[Minho] Everyone~ I’ll finally reveal the selected winners for the me2chatting! Congratulations to a수현샤이니a , hailey , 콰지모도 , 소심소녀 , and 지영! Prepare a lot of questions you have about the drama tomorrow and let’s meet at 9PM tomorrow!~
Friends who were not selected can still join on the view mode so let’s all have it together~ ^^

Minho memeday 12.08.21 [PM 05 :48]

[민 호] 저 태준이가 나오는 ‘아름다운 그대에게’ 본방사수하고 계시나요!?! 저희 촬영장 이야기를 많이 궁금해 하시는 것 같아서 여러분과 미투채팅에서 만나려고 합니다. 저와 구재희양이 함께! 궁금한점은 댓글로, 참여방법은 사진 설명 보시고 신청하세요~

[Minho] Are you watching “For You In Full Blossom” live where I come out as Taejun!?! I thought you might be really curious about our filming stories so I’m planning on meeting everyone at the me2 chat. Together with me and Goo Jaehee! Leave your question in the replies and look at the picture explanation for how to enter. And please watch~

Me2 star chat
#9 Minho & Sulli
Things you want to say to For You In Full Blossom
Become one of ten winners! (Chat date will be announced later.)
Apply: Aug 21 – 27 12PM
Announce: Aug 28 on Minho & Sulli’s me2days

How to enter
1. Open the me2day app and click 사람들을!
2. Go to 사람들을>이벤트>미추 스타채팅 민호&설리 편 and you’re done applying!
*Me2 star chat is only available on the latest me2day app.

SHINee memeday 12.08.16 [PM05:29]

지금 우리가 보고 있는건 바로?? LIVE HOLOGRAM – S.M.ART EXHIBITION 관람하던날!

What are we looking at right now?? LIVE HOLOGRAM – The day we browsed the S.M.ART EXHIBITION!

Minho memeday 12.08.13 [PM 09:52]

드디어 첫 걸음.. 긴장과 설렘… 오늘부터 강태준^^

Finally my first steps.. Nervous and excited… Starting today, I’m Kang Taejun^^

Key memeday 12.08.13 [PM 09 :19]

S.M.ART EXHIBITION에서 본인 판넬을 노려보는 본인과 그 모습을 흐뭇하게 바라보는 막내

Maknae is pleasantly looking at me going after my own panel at the S.M.ART EXHIBITION

[PM 09 :34]

마드모아젤 율리아 누나와 드디어 만났습니다! 이것저것 이야기를 나누고 재밌었어요 🙂 앞으로도 예술로 많은 사람들을 즐겁게해주세요! 얍

I finally met Mademoiselle Yulia noona! We talked about various things and it was fun. 🙂 Please continue to make people happy through art! Yap !

source: shinee’s me2day
english translation : kimchi hana @ shineee.net,
re-post by mamothozone.wp

WOW!!! Minho rajin banged memeday bulan ini! Gara-gara drama pastinya -_- Kalian udah pada nonton drama minho kan? AKU SUKA!!! Baru nonton 2 episod dan tiap kemunculan minho, aku tereak-tereak >o< Labil! heheh..

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Special Girl. Always loved her self, and know what makes she herself happy. Fangirlling is also her spirit (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) SHINee is her oxygen too!

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  1. tika juga uda nonton eon…
    semuanya ganteng2….
    minho apalagi..
    sulli..?? mw nyaingin taemin kayaknya..
    judul sinetron baru min. ‘sulli dan taemin yang tertukar ‘ hahahaha…
    akhirnya eon balik lagi kedunia per ff an..

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