{Fanshared} Jonghyun UFO Replies February 2012



2012.02.13 20:06
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Rubbish!!!

2012.02.13 20:06
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Take it away!!!

2012.02.13 20:06
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Save it!!!

2012.02.13 20:06
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Reject!!!

2012.02.13 20:14
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Reject!!!

2012.02.13 20:14
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Reject!!!

2012.02.13 20:15
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Save it!!!

2012.02.13 20:15
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Take it away!!!

2012.02.13 20:15
[Fan] I want to offer myself to Kim Jonghyun! No right to reject.
[Jonghyun] Rubbish!!!

2012.02.13 21:04
[Fan] Oppa ah~ Do you miss me?
[Jonghyun] Eh I miss you

2012.02.13 21:08
[Fan] Starting to tweet
[Jonghyun] ㅋㅋㅋ Won’t tweet frequently ㅎㅅㅎ

2012.02.13 21:09
[Fan] Been living well?
[Jonghyun] Yes ^^

2012.02.13 21:09
[Fan] The twitter is Oppa’s right? I knew Oppa will open an account
[Jonghyun] O O How do you know

2012.02.13 21:10
[Fan] I miss you, Jonghyun Oppa
[Jonghyun] I miss all of you too ᅲᅲ

2012.02.13 21:18
[Fan] Eh please upload more of the photos taken previously
[Jonghyun] No no No no no no Too many moderators

2012.02.13 21:18
[Fan] My heart is beating fast because of Oppa
[Jonghyun] th-thump, th-thump


2012.02.15 05:08
[Fan] Oppas are currently asleep? Have a good sleep! Good night Dream of me~ ㅋ
[Jonghyun] Going to sleep

2012.02.15 05:09
[Fan] There’s none today? Ah…. Can’t sleep
[Jonghyun] Of course there is ㅎ

2012.02.15 05:09
[Fan] With the additional Japan Arena Tour concerts, when can we meet in Korea… soon… waiting till turning into a stone soon ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] ㅠㅠ Don’t turn into stone ㅠ

2012.02.15 05:09
[Fan] Bling oppa! Missing you… Comeback in March?
[Jonghyun] It’s a secret

2012.02.15 05:09
[Fan] Maybe because tomorrow is the graduation ceremony, so can’t sleep. What to do in order to fall asleep?
[Jonghyun] I’ll come over ㅋ

2012.02.15 05:10
[Fan] Good night~ Jonghyun Don’t fall sick stay healthy, dashing comeback, missing you badly
[Jonghyun] Eh eh stay tuned ㅎ

2012.02.15 05:10
[Fan] Why no replies? Are you asleep? Sweet dreams
[Jonghyun] Zzzzz~

2012.02.15 05:10
[Fan] Missing you
[Jonghyun] How much

2012.02.15 05:11
[Fan] It’s so tough to match Oppa’s recent UFO timing~ Don’t fall sick… Good night
[Jonghyun] It’s random UFO

2012.02.15 05:11
[Fan] I miss you a lot
[Jonghyun] Me too

2012.02.15 05:11
[Fan] Ok… I’m not expecting a sentence~ Can you reply in a sentence~ Please~
[Jonghyun] tuk! tuktuk!! ㅜTutututuktukutku!!

2012.02.15 05:13
[Fan] I will always think of you whenever I’m happy or sad
[Jonghyun] Oh really

2012.02.15 05:15
[Fan] Step aside I want to dance Oppa’s part, your guidance please…
[Jonghyun] Firstly, take off your shoes

2012.02.15 05:15
[Fan] Jong O-o-o-o-o-o~ppa Can you reply me if you are reading UFOs now?
[Jonghyun] O O

2012.02.15 05:18
[Fan] Oppa what drama serials are you watching?
[Jonghyun] Not watching

2012.02.15 05:19
[Fan] Thank you, awake because of you, you are responsible
[Jonghyun] I will take responsibility

2012.02.15 05:19
[Fan] Do you know….It’s so hard to earn a living.. Hope you will become a rich man
[Jonghyun] ㅋㅋㅋ Of course it won’t be that easy

2012.02.15 05:20
[Fan] Hope today will be a good day. I’m an angel
[Jonghyun] Eh eh a very good day

2012.02.15 05:21
[Fan] Huh do you remember me? Bling bling?
[Jonghyun] Are you locket? (This fan’s ID is “I’m locket”)

2012.02.15 05:22
[Fan] Have I sent too many, you are not irritated? There aren’t any idols like you
[Jonghyun] ㅎㅎㅎ I’m not irritated.

2012.02.15 05:23
[Fan] Didn’t you say you will be responsible? How?
[Jonghyun] Where are you?

2012.02.15 05:24
[Fan] I want to put wings on your back
[Jonghyun] Fly fly fly away

2012.02.15 05:24
[Fan] Huh… Daebak… Now… Now… Oppa remembered my ID now? Ah.. hands trembling… Help
[Jonghyun] ㅋ ID is shown ㅎ

2012.02.15 05:25
[Fan] Please come to GyeongGi-Do
[Jonghyun] No, you come here
2012.02.21 02:29
[Fan] Jonghyun is good-looking, good physique, good character, sings well too… Causes others to have unforbidden thoughts
[Jonghyun] ㅎㅎ Come over here
2012.02.22 01:48
Fan: Oppa’s today is my birthday!send me a UFO to wish me TT
Jong: Happy day

2012.02.22 01:49
Fan: Thank you for cherishing the fans ㅠㅠeverytime because of you i will be touched
Jong: haha thank you ^^

2012.02.22 01:49
Fan : Thank you for you contact (referring to reply)
Jong : ㅠㅠㅠ hehehe

2012.02.22 01:49
Fan: Really love you alot…
Fan : love love

2012.02.22 01:49
Fan: So when is the Comeback still no sign of it
Jong: ㅠㅠplease..wait a little while more

2012.02.22 01:51
Fan: understand ㅠㅠ tired? knock knock..what am i saying hehe
Jong : ㅠㅠ quickly go and sleep

2012.02.22 01:52
Fan: living Happily and Handsome Jonghyun~ so cool!!
Jong: Yeah! Very happy!

2012.02.22 01:52
Fan : Jonghyun ah thank you~ for bring happiness to us ^^
Jong: I thank all of you too

2012.02.22 01:53
Fan: Twitter is boring right?
Jong: It’s like that~ Ha

2012.02.22 01:54
Fan : oppa, wait till the next fan meet you need to give us more alright this isn’t a secret right?
Jong: just like before

2012.02.22 01:54
Fan : There’s no limit to Oppa’s charisma where’s the exit to it?tell me
Jong : erm.. ha

2012.02.22 01:55
Fan:Oppa! The W Magazine that you shot with Taemin Oppa, is it still available at the bookstore?
Jong: Ke~ I’m not W’s staff~So..

2012.02.22 01:57
Fan: hahaha there’s potato soup at my house  no potato in the potato soup haha
Jong: Oh Potato

2012.02.22 01:58
Fan: tell me about Korea ancestor chant Haha
Jong: The school will teach right?

2012.02.23 02:57
Fan : Oppa ! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru
Jong : that’s Min Hyuk (minho’s show) ah

2012.02.23 02:54
Fan : Oppa! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru
Jong : because i look like Salamander

2012.02.23 02:33
Fan: can’t forget your love..!
Jong: hahahaha thanks

2012.02.23 02:26
Fan : while thinking of you i drew you down will you approve this on twitter? next time is Minho oppa ,Tension burning^^ (picture as of above)
Jong : Hahaha no

2012.02.23 02:28
Fan:  little  little  Jonghyun Oppa scared scared… quick run haha
Jong: Something serious will happen

2012.02.23 02:50
Fan :   little  little  Jonghyun Oppa i love you
Jong: hehe

2012.02.23 02:33
Fan : discuss about Jonghyun (height) it’s consider quite tall right?!
Jong: ha

2012.02.23 02:26
Fan : Oppa i’m badly bothered haha and the comeback date isnt confirm this make me more !
Jong: that

2012.02.23 02:31
Fan : agent Kim here a cup of coffee
Jong: nurse Kim!! come and trap her till her mind recover to normal state

2012.02.23 02:51
Fan : do you know which day is the best to SHINee’s notice(teaser?comeback?)?? there’s every fan’s true heart ah huhu
Jong: Haha it’s so funny

2012.02.23 02:24
Fan : broken heart..when will i receive?
Jong: erm erm now ha

2012.02.28 {UPDATE}

2012.02.28 02:46
[Fan] TT TT ke You have to have good luck to get a reply.
[Jonghyun] TT TT TT If you buy a lottery ticket and win, let’s split it in half

2012.02.28 02:35
[Fan] Miss you
[Jonghyun] What?

2012.02.28 02:39
[Fan] I’ll give you my soul.
[Jonghyun] ty ty
(T/N: Lyrics to Juliette. Ty means thank you.)

2012.02.28 02:34
[Fan] Oppa, what’s your age difference limit with younger girls? I’m younger than you by 7 years ㅎㅅㅎ
[Jonghyun] You’re our baby

2012.02.28 02:35
[Fan] They say the saddest love is one between a singer and a fan ToT So we can’t be together? TT
[Jonghyun] Hahahahahaha

2012.02.28 02:33
[Fan] I sent a UFO cause I felt like you’d reply today.. But you don’t reply in the morning ke sob ke
[Jonghyun] ㅎㅅㅎ Sleep well

2012.02.28 02:35
[Fan] I’ve become a Night Star.. huhuhu
[Jonghyun] ke
(T/N: Night Star is the name of the program Onew MCed on. It basically means night person.)

2012.02.28 02:42
[Fan] Did I just get a reply? Gasp TT TT TT I can die without any regrets.. I’m extremely excited right now..
[Jonghyun] Don’t die either

2012.02.28 02:49
[Fan] You replied to me even though I joined on my mom’s phone!! TT TT Oppa, should I give you my D drive and hard drive? TT TT
[Jonghyun] No, it’s okay. Keep it.

2012.02.28 02:43
[Fan] I’m staying up for the 3rd day in a row. If I get a reply, I think I can sleep well TT
[Jonghyun] TT TT Sleep well

2012.02.28 02:46
[Fan] Oppa, can’t you at least send me a period… ?
[Jonghyun] Don’t wanna. I’m gonna send you a long one.

2012.02.28 02:49
[Fan] Oppa, my heart is pounding >//<
[Jonghyun] Dugeun dugeun
(T/N: It’s the sound of a heart beating.)

2012.02.28 02:51
[Fan] Oppa TT It’s my first time (getting a response) TT I miss you
[Jonghyun] TT – Is that so TT TT

2012.02.28 02:52
[Fan] Oppa, do you remember the girl who held the “I Love SHINee♥” fansign during the Idol Sports Competition? Hehe, I was all the way in the front row~
[Jonghyun] Oh, I don’t remember.

2012.02.28 02:35
[Fan] Today, no yesterday, I went to watch Taem’s IS recording!!! Wow kekekekeke Taem is totally jjang jjang good. The dance was daebak and the song was daebak.
[Jonghyun] Wow ke!!

2012.02.28 02:41
[Fan] Can’t you just tell us which month you’re coming back? (whisper whisper)
[Jonghyun] Ah, lower the volume of sending a UFO;;; You’re noisy;;;

2012.02.28 02:43
[Fan] I went to watch Taem today and now I’m super lucky.. Sigh keke It’s the first time this year TT
[Jonghyun] TT TT That’s right, you’ve worked hard.

2012.02.28 02:45
[Fan] Tell me like 100 ways to make friends in the new semester
[Jonghyun] “What game do you play?” “Which artist do you like?” Or “Buy me bread”

2012.02.28 02:46
[Fan] Gasp, Baby Baby started playing on my mp3;; You sang it for me, right? Tell me you did.. please… hmph
[Jonghyun] Hmph TT TT.. I didn’t

2012.02.28 02:48
[Fan] It’s been so long, it’s been so long since I got a reply from Jonghyon.. I’m going crazy…
[Jonghyun] kekeke what, don’t I do this a lot>?

2012.02.28 02:51
[Fan] What kind of game do you like? I like Crazy Academy!!!! Crazy Academy jjang!!!! yeah
[Jonghyun] Try to be a legend!
(T/N: He’s not talking about a game, he’s telling her to become a pro at her game.)

2012.02.28 02:51
[Fan] keke I’m so lucky keke Is it okay to have this much luck? TT
[Jonghyun] Yeah, your stomach should explode!!!

2012.02.28 02:52
[Fan] Was the last time the 23rd? It’s my first time this year, so I’m going crazy
[Jonghyun] TT TT TT crazy crazy

2012.02.28 02:57
[Fan] Oppa, my name is Shin__ kekekekeke Yoon Shin__ Can you say it? TT Please TT
[Jonghyun] Yoon Shinyet Yoon Shinyeod Yoon Shinyeoj Yoon Shinyep Yoon Shinyeh Yoon Shinyeon Yoon Shinem Yoon Shinek Yoon Shinyeot
(T/N: The fan crossed out her name and said Jonghyun ended up not typing it properly.)

2012.02.28 03:02
[Fan] I’ll sing you a song haha ^ㅅ^
[Jonghyun] Hahaha I don’t wanna hear it!!!

(Source: Jonghyun UFO)
English translation: eimanjjong, Forever_SHINee, kimchi hana
(Credit:  @SHINeeTown.Tumblr n shineee.net)
Share by mamotho@mamothozone

Mamot note:

Ga aku transletin, udah ketinggalan banyak soalnya. hehe .. Jadi ga pa-pa yo^^ TERUS, buat yang mau ngecek UFO-UFO lama, tapi yah, ga kumplit sih soalnya aku ga mantengin selalu, terlalu ketinggalan, hehe.. Pokoknya, postan UFO yg di WP ini akan aku update ke library khusus UFO  buat kenang-kenangan. hehe  Buka aja Page SHINee > S-UFO here^^   kalau yang mau baca UFO jadul mereka. Makasih udah baca, semoga memberi sedikit kebahagiaan 🙂


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  1. LOL! aku jarang mantengin langsung UFOnya, karena udah kepincut me2day dan twitter, lebih gampang bukanya ehehe

    Fan: Twitter is boring right?
    Jong: It’s like that~ Ha

    NOOO jangan bosan bosan la, biar bisa terpantau ehehe

    Fan : Oppa! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru
    Jong : because i look like Salamander

    ini LOL!

  2. eon ufo itu khusus buat orang korea and cina ja ya ???
    sumpah iri bngt sma orng2 yg pnya acc di ufo
    jjong gila gila’an bngt di ufo
    sehari bisa ng-replay smpe brpa ufo itu

  3. wooww jjong ganteng bgt yaw,, heehee bias q,, 🙂

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