UFO replies are the replies that they (korean celebrities) send to their fans. On the UFO site, you can send your idols any message that you want, and if you’re lucky, they might reply to your message! You’re also able to send text messages to them, and they sometimes reply back to you. (Of course, it’s not their personal phone. They have separate phones just for their UFO replies.) However, there’s a catch. You have to be a Korean citizen or have a Korean ID number to sign up at the site. But! You can still look for their UFO replies on sites like Youtube. Search (idol name) UFO replies.

This is the site –>  http://ufotown.com/index.html 
This is SHINee’ s UFO site –>  http://circle.ufotown.com/shinee

~Lets check SHINee UFO replay~

2008 : (SHINee UFO) | (Minho UFO)

2009 : (SHINee UFO)

2010 : (Jonghyun UFO) | (Onew UFO) | (Minho UFO)

2011 : Juli (Minho UFO) | (Taemin UFO) | (Minho UFO) | (Minho UFO) | Agustus(Minho UFO)

2012 : February (Jonghyun UFO)

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